Video Production Marketing

As the popularity of videos hit meteoric heights, it has become crucial for brands to leverage the power of video. Videos today have progressed from merely a part of a brand’s overall marketing campaign to one of the most central aspects of it. With 8 billion video views on Facebook per day and 225 million active users from India on YouTube, it’s easy to see why Consumers love visually appealing, easy-to-digest video content. According to YouTube, 90% of mobile-users share videos they enjoy with others while 74% of those who watched explainer videos about a product ended up buying it. And it’s not just consumers, Google loves video content too! Brands are 53 times more likely to show up on page 1 of Google if they have a video embedded on their page. All of this is, of course, great news for brands looking to engage with their customers. No doubt that Video Production Marketing is one of the fastest and efficient way of making profit for any kind of business.

Our Approach

As one of the leading digital media and marketing solutions company in India, we work closely with brands to convey their story through powerful video content.

Video Amplifying & Tracking

We have a specialized team that can ensure your video reaches not just a large audience, but the right audience which drives the highest levels of engagement. We identify the right platforms (including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn) that suit your brand’s requirements to widen the reach of your message. We constantly monitor and optimize your video’s performance to ensure that you get the best results.

Our Creativity

Our creative in-house video production team brings their combined expertise to deliver your brand’s message in the most visually appealing way possible. From story boarding to scripting to final production, we create compelling videos that resonate with your customers and leave a lasting impression on them.

Our Program

Rural Upliftment Program
Apart from promoting client business we the team of Aksata Digital Media are working continuously for a Rural Upliftment Program. As working on media domain we have already made our objective to cover almost all the rural areas and explore out all the problems, challenges faced by the rural people with the proper utilization of our video production team and promote it in such a way, so that their problems must be eradicated or minimized.
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